LED Wall Pack Light Buying Guide

Exterior lighting is one of the most common applications of light fixtures around any building, i.e commercial, industrial, or private property. LED-wall packs are the most convenient exterior lighting fixtures when it comes to creating a safe and effective lighting layout around the building. These fixtures are installed on the walls around the property which facilitates routine activities within that parameter as well as enhances security.

Take a look at the buyer’s guide we created to help you understand outdoor wall pack lighting. This will help you make an informed decision.

What are LED Wall Pack Lights?
A wall pack is a lighting fixture that is used on the outside of buildings to illuminate a large area while withstanding extreme temperatures and various types of abuse. It got its name because they are surface mounted to the side of buildings. You will typically see these used for commercial applications, but they can also be found in residential areas.
LED Wall Packs lights are the most common outdoor commercial light in america.They secure to the wall in a variety of ways and easy to install.The front of the LED wall pack opens on a hinge for mounting and wiring, making them an installers favorite.They are also highly versatile, the wiring can be from behind or through a number of conduit entrances. Accessories such as photocells, motion sensors and battery backups can easily be added.

Choosing lumens
When choosing LED lights, you have to consider many factors. One of the first things you need to focus on is the lumens. Lumens is a way to measure the quantity of the visible light released by a source. Most people pay attention to the watts of the LED light. This is the biggest mistake that people make. Instead of looking at the watts, you should consider lumens. This will help you have an energy-efficient lighting system. In LED lights, higher lumens with lower wattage is the perfect lighting choice.

• When looking at our LED wall lights, for LED replacement for 400-watt metal halide you can view our 100 watts, 120 watt or 150-watt models. These lights will deliver you 12,000 lumens to 18,000 lumens.
• If you want to have 250-watt metal halide, you will get 9000-12000 lumens. You can also look at LED corn light bulbs in this area.
• Our 80 watt or 100 watt is ideal for efficient lighting solution.
• For 150 or 175, you can look at our extensive range of LED wall lights.

Focus on Light Color
Another thing that you need to focus on is the color of the light. The temperature of the color is measured in Kelvin (K). The yellow light has a lower K number and the white light has higher K number. As mentioned above, the LED lights come in various color options. Here are the colors that you can choose from.

• 3000K– this color light is warm and cozy. It is a great choice for softer areas likes homes or restaurants
• 4000K – it is natural or cool white that is radiant and crisp. This makes it a great for businesses or other areas of work
• 5000K – this is a daylight that offers active and vibrant light. It is an ideal choice for large spaces and outdoors. This is a good choice as you don’t have to spend a lot of time under it. Along with this, it is good for eyes as you won’t have to concentrate on reading and detailed activities.

We recommend you not to go above 5000K as the AMA has restricted it. The use of 5700K and 6500K is dangerous for the environment and your health. 5700K adds blue to the spectrum and can affect melatonin, 6500K is very blue, think Audi headlights.

Suggested Installation Heights
45W LED Wall Pack = ~8 feet, replaces ~175W – 250W HALOGEN / MH / HPS
80W LED Wall Pack = ~16 feet, replaces ~ 250W – 400W HALOGEN / MH / HPS
100W / 120W LED Wall Pack = ~20 feet, replaces ~ 400W – 750W HALOGEN / MH / HPS

Why to choose STAR EVER LIGHTING LED Wall Pack Lights?

The wattage is crucial to determining the correct wall pack. Depending on the desired area you wish you light, you may want a higher wattage or a lower one if the area isn’t very large. Remember, the larger the area you want to illuminate, the higher wattage the fixture will be.

2.Photo Cell
A Photo Cell allows a fixture to only turn on during the darkness and turns it off once it detects light. These help conserve energy since the light is only one when needed. These usually require some minor effort to install for most wall packs.

3.Damp Location Rated
If the wall pack is going to be in contact with liquids, then a UL Damp Rated fixture is the right choice. If you aren’t sure if it will be in contact with liquids, having a damp rated fixture is never a bad choice.

4.High Efficiency
STAR EVER LIGHTING LED wall pack light blends together both effieiency and brightness.This light yields 135LM/W and with wide beam optics, the LED wall pack delivers the pefect illumination for outdoor security lighting, wall perimeter lighting, garages, large backyards, commercial loading bays, warehouses, apartment complexes, hotels and office and retail complexes.

5.Energy Saving
Our LED Wall Pack Light Fixture reach to 135lm/w,High-efficiency lumen perfectly replacement for standard 400W to 600W HPS or HID fixtures with only a 100-Watt LED or 85% less energy, easily saving 100 dollars per year compared to metal halide bulbs

6. Easy Installation
STAR EVER LIGHTING Wall Pack Led secures to the wall in a variety of ways and easy to install. The front of the LED wall pack opens on a hinge for mounting and wiring, making them an installers favorite. They are also highly versatile, the wiring can be from behind or through a number of conduit entrances. Accessories such as photocells, motion sensors and battery backups can easily be added.

7.Long lifetime & Warranty
Lifetime of more than 50,000+ hours and backed by a trusted 5 years warranty.We stand behind our LED Wall Pack Light and provide you hassle-free 5-year warranty. Any failure or warranty policy issue you meet with our products, pls feel free contact us via email or message to our cellphone, we’ll reply within 12 hours

Common Application
Wall pack fixtures are intended for outdoor application because of their ability to withstand harsh weather such as snow, sleet, and rain. They are also built to withstand unwanted tampering, vibration, and shocks; therefore, they are excellent illuminating options for security use. They can typically be found at building entrances and exits, hospital entrances, warehouses, landscaped areas, and walkways.

In Conclusion
LED Wall packs are a perfect option for replacing your current fixtures. These lights withstand harsh weather, provide uniform light, and accomplish both at a fraction of the cost your current metal halide fixture offers. After reading this guide you are now prepared to make the best selection for your lighting project. Will you let us help you make the conversion?

If you aren’t sure which LED wall pack is best for your needs, we welcome you to contact our Lighting Team for additional support.

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