LED Wall Pack Lights

LED wall pack lights are excellent outdoor lighting fixtures that are frequently utilized for security purposes outside of commercial or residential structures. These lights come with a number of beam angles to let you illuminate the area you want.
LED Wall Packs are the most widespread type of outdoor commercial light in the United States.
They are straightforward to install and secure to the wall in a variety of ways. The LED wall pack’s front opens on a hinge for mounting and wiring, making it a favorite among installers. They’re also quite adaptable, as the wiring can be run from behind or through a variety of conduit entry points. Photocells, motion sensors, and battery backups are all simple to install.

Each LED wall pack from STAR EVER LIGHTING is made of heavy-duty metal, which protects against tampering and bad weather. Different degrees of lumen output for your individual purpose are distributed uniformly by a robust polycarbonate lens, maximizing the maximum power of the 5000K white light. These LED wall packs are the value picks in many projects, thanks to their IP65 waterproof protection. Combine with timers or photocells for convenient bright nighttime lighting and energy savings during the day without the effort of manually turning the fixture on and off.

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