100W LED Wall Pack Light 80W 60W Changeable

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100W LED Wall Pack Light 80W 60W Changeable, 3-Color-Switchable Wall Pack Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor, Outdoor Wall Lights LED Fixture as Commercial Security Lighting Wall Mount

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9 in 1 LED Wall Pack Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell

9 in 1 LED Wall Pack Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell
  • 15000LM Super Bright Outdoor LED Wall Pack Light Fixture

    Built-in Photocell sensor – Auto Light OFF at sunrise/daytime and Light ON at sundown/night;

    Easy to Install – The LED Wall Pack Light with preconfigured junction box knockouts for fast and easy installation;

    Up to 150 lm/w up to 15000LM LED Wall Pack Light – brings your application the best lighting available;

    IP 65 Waterproof Housing – to protect against dust or water intrusion, which makes the LED Wall Pack well suited to illuminate indoor and outdoor locations.

    Wide application

    Such as garden,court, lawn, patio as well as security lighting in warehouse, workshop security, entryways, stairways, storage, perimeter lighting and much more indoor and outdoor applications.

LED Wall Pack Light with 3 Color and 3 Wattage

  • 3 WATTAGE Switchable – The LED Wall Pack Light allows you to choose the wattage at the time of installation for different lumen outputs. Easy to select 60 watts, 80 watts, or 100 watts by a switch.
  • 3 COLOR Selectable – Not sure what LED Wall Pack Light color temperature you are looking for your space? Each Wall Pack Light can change into 4000K natural white, 5000K daylight white or 5700K cool white. You’ll find the perfect light to select for your space through the 3 color temperatures.


Warm Tips:


  • The Default Wattage is set at 100W, you could switch it to 80W or 60W during the installation.
  • The Default Color Temperature is set at 5000K, you could change it to 4000K or 5700K during the installation.

Details for Outdoor Wall Pack LED Light


Sealed & Waterproof

Optical PC lens with Waterproof Silicone ring for indoor or outdoor use.


Stainless Steel Screws

Made of a highly corrosion resistant, rust-resistant and anti-aging grade.


Hinge design

Free slot installed directly for quick installation.

LED Wall Pack with Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell

Built in Dusk to Dawn Photocell

The Dusk to Dawn Photocell will help turn the LED Wall Pack lights ON automatically at 50 lux sundown/night and OFF at 168 lux sunrise/daytime, which will save more energy and electricity.

If you want to disassemble the Photocell and switch the LED Wall Pack Light by yourself, please kindly remove the Photocell by pulling out connection wires from the inside of the wall pack light fixture.

Photocell Notes

The Photocell may be affected by the surrounding brightness during use, and flicker may occur. If this happens, it can be handled as follows:

  • Adjust the Photocell sensor to other places to ensure it is not affected by the light around the mounting point.
  • Wrap the wall pack photocell around with opaque tape. Do not completely seal the light sensor.

Weight6.82 lbs
Dimensions15.75 × 12.2 × 7.4 in

100W Changeable

Color Temperature

CCT Tunnable

Mounting Kit

Wall Mounting

Ships From

United States

Delivery time

3-5 business days


Dusk to Dawn


5 years

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10 reviews for 100W LED Wall Pack Light 80W 60W Changeable

  1. cautious_buyer

    The original light I received worked for only two weeks. I contacted the vendor and they sent me a replacement light right away. I have tested all 3 three power settings and it works great. I use it to light up the yard on the side of my house. I am very satisfied with the light and the vendor customer service.

  2. Lori Tipton

    Ordered 6 for side of a church building. They do not disappoint at all. !!!

  3. RaymondC

    This light is brighter than I was expecting! love it. would highly recommend.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great light. Very bright


    Good value for the price, nice features to allow for different mounting heights and color temps. Will order again

  6. Amazon Customer

    This light is well constructed and easy to install. The selectable wattage and color options are excellent. I initially used the factory set wattage—120 and the 6000 color until my neighbor across the way said the light was keeping them awake. So I reduced the wattage down to 100 and the color to 4000. The 4000 setting helps make the light less glaring. At the 120 watt setting, I could read a book in my backyard a 100 feet away. As it is now set, I can easily see to mow my lawn if it gets dark before I get finished. Excellent light. I have about a half acre and it does a great job illuminating my yard.

  7. max

    Works great

  8. HouseofroblesHouseofrobles

    This light is the real deal. Some serious light output. I really like how easy it is to install and choose color and brightness. Im just a little concerned with the install of the driver since you cannot remove to replace if it ever goes bad. I recommend buying a few extra fixtures to replace if one goes bad. Since you cannot replace drivers. Also the photo cell feature is nice and to disconnect it is a breeze. We’ll see how these fixtures handle the AZ heat.

  9. B RayB Ray

  10. Mark H

    This is incredibly bright! The brightest light I’ve ever seen! I love it! Can see the front yard all the way to the street, 100 feet away. Of course if you don’t need that much light, you can switch it down to lower your amount of light. Very versatile. I really like it to be able to see the snow storms and thunderstorms at night. You won’t be disappointed! It has three color choices of light so you can select the color you like best. I would highly recommend this light for home or business. Very easy to install. Try it, you will be glad you did!!

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