Best 150W Solar Street Lights, Dusk to dawn photocell

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150W Solar Street Lights Outdoor, Dusk to Dawn Motion Detective Solar Led Outdoor Light with Remote Control, 15000LM 6000K

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150W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Our solar power street light are waterproof, lightning-proof, heat-dissipating, energy-saving, radar-sensing, light-controlled.

Multi-functional integrated outdoor solar street light without hard-wire connection which perfect for simple installation;

Wall mounting and pole mounting, can be used in gardens, courtyard, swimming pool, parking lot, airport, plaza, campus, street, road, etc.

150W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

About STAR EVER LIGHTING 150W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

【NO ELECTRICITY BILL& Cordless】Integrated Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity.NO wiring,easy to install. Perfect for an unlit driveway, paths, roof, walkway, garage, backyards, farms, countryside road, patio, barn, court, dark place.

【Dusk to Dawn + Motion Sensor mode】This dusk to dawn solar light have two methods control : 1. Light control: Automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn .2.Motion sensor mode makes it more energy efficient. Solar light turn 100% brightness mode in 2 seconds when motion is detected. It reverts back to 30% energy saving mode again if people out of the detected area(up to 26ft with 120°detection angle).

【HIGH EFFICIENCY & LONG LIFETIME POLYSILICON SOLAR PANELS】Solar street lights use polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels with the high photoelectric conversion efficiency. Solar light outdoor built-in 15000mAh large capacity lithium battery, to be fully charged in only 6-8 hours, providing a long working time about 18-20 hours in bright mode.

【WATERPROOF& DURABLE】Our 150W solar street light works well even in bad weather all year round ,due to IP65 waterproof grade, rainproof, lightning protection and dustproof, ABS plastic anti-UV lamp body, controller and outer sealed rubber ring.

【Easy to Install】Dusk to Dawn Motion Detective Solar Led Outdoor Light comes with assembly accessories sets. It can be mounted on a wall or pole. The diameter of the support pole ranges from 1 to 3 inches.No wiring,DIY Installation.(Tips : Please check and turn on the solar outdoor light by hand before installation.)

150W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Charge at daytime lit up at night automatically. The irradiation range is around 1080sq.ft.

150w solar street light

150w solar street light Product details

150w solar street light

Recommend installation Height

< 16 ft for 60 watts

<19 ft for 90 watts

< 22ft for 120 watts

The radar sensing range:26ft

150w solar street light

Packing included


  • Solar Lamp x 2
  • Bracket x 2
  • Metal sheet x 2
  • Remote control x2
  • Screws x 16
150w solar street light

Easy installation


  1. Drill 4 holes as per the location of the holes of the bracket
  2. Knock the screws into holes and loosen the screws nuts.
  3. Fix the bracket with screws nuts
  4. Install the light on the bracket
150w solar street light
150W Solar Street Lights Outdoor
Weight6.8 lbs
Dimensions23.63 × 7.76 × 3.5 in


Color Temperature


Mounting Kit

Wall & Pole Mounting

Ships From

United States

Delivery time

3-5 business days


Dusk to Dawn


3 years

Qty/ Package


Motion Sensor


14 reviews for Best 150W Solar Street Lights, Dusk to dawn photocell

  1. md500pilot

    Great light , low bean all night if any motion boom hi beams super sensitive from 30 feet away cane charged and with a power switch. Only thing is like all other lights. Only black or grey and no stainless. But for the money I’m super happy

  2. Kevin BayersdorferKevin Bayersdorfer

    We just got this light today, I opened the box and let it bake in the sun for a few hours while I gathered my tools, set up the ladder and mounted the pole. I mounted it on the telephone pole in my front yard, It is mounted as 13’6″. I know that is low from the recommendations, but worked just fine. I bought this light because the end of my driveway is dim even with the 150 watt equivalent LED floods on the peak of my house. I also purchased them because we have had a rash of car door handle checkers in the neighborhood, and I caught one of them on my cameras. so I have been upgrading and adding a lot of security items, 5 more Blink cameras, this light, and a driveway chime that the receiver is right next to my bed.To the point.So far the light is great, comes up to 100% when someone is walking in the road by my house. It is bright, but not 6000L, maybe right at the lens it might be. I took a lux meter on my phone and took a reading under my flood lights. The 150 watt equivalent that are roughly 1600 lumen gave me a reading of 102 lux, whereas the Street light only gave me about 85 lux (screen shots included), So i am going to guesstimate around 1300 lumens. Like I said the street light is at about 13’6″, and the flood lights are in the 20 foot range, don’t get me wrong it is still bright and will do the job I expected. I will update the review if I have any issues. Great productFirst pic is 30%, second is 100%, third is street light lux, fourth is flood light lux on the house.

  3. Leslie S.

    Working good , so far !

  4. TonyTony

    This was easy to install, great Quality, boxed well and Seller shipped fast. Butthe only thing is it goes dim at times and goes back to being bright again unsure why?

  5. Leila H.

    Best purchase for lighting. Very bright and lights up a large area. Great for yard and driveways. Great comfort when you arrive home at night and can see all around you.

  6. Old phone userOld phone user

    Light works very well, as advertised. Needs a few hours sunlight to recharge each day. One winter day there were dark clouds and rained most of the day. The solar panel was not able to recharge much, so the night lite was about 1/3 of the normal brightness level. Manually press the on button before mounting the light up high, then the remote works fine. The light has to be turned “on” to then receive the remote signals.I needed to place this above my fence next to the street sidewalk. There were no tall pole available, so I made my own pole. The mounting tube in the kit is about 1 7/8 inch diameter. I purchased a 10 foot EMT steel conduit, 1 ½ in nominal diameter. It is closer to 1 ¾ outside diameter. I added a coupler to the end of the conduit and then it is very close to original mounting tube size.The motion sensor depends on the light fixture being mounted rigidly. If the light fixture moves, this fixture movement triggers the motion sensor to turn bright. I suspect this is why the included tube is so short. I needed to make sure my conduit did not shake or sway in the wind.I bent one end of the conduit pipe 90 degrees so the fixture could aim down at the ground.

  7. Michael B.

    It flooded my grandson’s 1/2 court basketball court very nicely

  8. C S

    120 v it is bright and is working. We put it on a pole in the back yard. Let see if it last a few years. Fingers cross

  9. Stevan A pedrosa

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is one of the best light a ever own, so easy to install, one person can do everything I’m very excited about my light it work very nice on my back yard, I installed right away it changed so quickly that I even throw away the package where it came on. Next day it was sunny and it charged even better the light is very bright and we love it.Thank you very much for this very awesome invention. It will be saving me a lot of money on electric bill.

  10. Seg1218

    This light is as bright as advertised. It is big, so be sure to review the size dimensions when you order. The remote switching is a great plus not found on other motion activated solar lights.

  11. Pond Works

    Wow! This is literally a street light, perfect for what we needed it for.Was easy to install and was bright enough to light up the driveway, has a sensor so it does partially stay on through the night and when it senses motion the light gets brighter, pretty cool feature.

  12. Antonia G Dominguez

    So far, this product is good!

  13. yanoyano

    I am very impressed with the light output. It came out better than I thought, I had set it up at 17 feet high and it has good range and the sensor picks up really well.

  14. Marie

    We love love love this lightIt is very bright, very easy to install and covers the entire area of the front yard. I am now going to purchase another for the back of the yardI write the above review a few days ago…how the light has stopped working completely and I dont know who to contact

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