2Pack 100W Outdoor led flood lights

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2Pack 100W Outdoor led flood lights, 11,000lm Super Bright (100W Eqv 500W) Wall Washer Security Light with Knuckle, IP65 Waterproof, 5000K for Yard, Parking lot, Stadium

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2Pack 100W Outdoor LED Flood Light

100W LED Flood Light

  • SUPER BRIGHT ENERGY SAVING: Replace less-efficient traditional lights with a 11000lm output at 100W Super LED Flood Light. It can replace 500W traditional halogen bulb, save 83% on electricity bill of lighting; 120°beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing efficient lighting for your exterior living environment
  • ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING ANGLES: Easy to adjust the light plane to different angle (90-180°) as your lighting requirement. Install the parking lot light by U-shaped bracket mounting to wall, ground, ceiling, etc, then insert the UL plug into the socket.
  • STABLE & EASY INSTALLATION: This Led stadium light comes with a yoke-style bracket that can be positioned in almost any angle for many mounting positions. You can easily install it on the ceiling, walls, ground and other locations by adjusting the bracket to different angles and following a few simple wiring steps
  • IP65 WATERPROOF & WIDELY USED: The led floodight outdoor can work well in rain, sleet, snow. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, can be applied in gardens, docks, stadiums, squares, billboards, parking lots, building exterior wall, sport courts, rural areas, dark backyards etc.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Easy and fast replacement is offered if any quality issue about our led area light. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product.
2Pack 100W Outdoor LED Flood Light

IP65 Waterproof

The metal case and optical lens are tightly sealed.ensuring a great performance even in wet locations. This also keeps the light sharp even in the rain and it works in temperatures ranging from -4℉ to 113℉.

2Pack 100W Outdoor LED Flood Light

Better Heat Dissipation

Die-cast aluminum housing provides efficiently extract more heat away, extend the life of your LED floodlight.

2Pack 100W Outdoor LED Flood Light

Knuckle Mount and Easy Installation

The ingenious design of the knuckle mount lets you rotate the light head 180°, letting you freely customize the illumination range to fit any scenario you want.

2Pack 100W Outdoor LED Flood Light
2Pack 100W Outdoor LED Flood Light
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15 reviews for 2Pack 100W Outdoor led flood lights

  1. Joseph M Mosbrucker

    Very well built, easy to install.

  2. Jason M. Babila

    I got these without the motion detection or photocell since I already have the hard wired photocell in place, I must say these 70W lights are definitely bright, the flood beam angle lights up a wide area, I’m definitely getting more of these soon.

  3. sharon inglis

    These lights are SUPER bright! Replaced two 500W halogen flood lights that ‘those without Y chromosomes’ in the house couldn’t seem to master turning off (simple light switch). Finally frustrated me enough to just replace them with something inexpensive to ‘forget to turn off’. These are mounted under the eves on each side of the house and light up the large back yard and pool area better than the 500W halogens ever thought about doing. Be prepared though, they are a very ‘white’ light; like aliens have landed white – or ‘don’t go into the light’ white…Would certainly purchase again. In fact, I might get a couple for the front as well. But, I live near an airport and don’t want to confuse pilots into landing on my driveway. Yep, that bright…

  4. NathanNathan

    Super bright. So far worksGood. Only had for a week. Time will tell, but so far so Good

  5. Rjgogo

    Appear to be very well made. Fit and finish is very good, better than much of the other made in china stuff I have seen.Also very bright and appear to be well sealed though that is not a concern for most of my usage.Looks like a hood quality product from the outside which leads me to hope the intervals are long lasting as well.

  6. Jeff

    Great product and used it to light up parking lot

  7. Matthew Schenker

    I have a 1/4-acre back yard that I like to illuminate when gathering with friends around a fire pit, when I want to keep an eye on my dog out there at night, or when I need to walk through the yard in the dark. I had an old spotlight, which was powerful but not efficient. I re-wired the setup to accommodate these two lights, spread apart by about 20 feet along the back wall of my house. I’m very pleased by the level of illumination these give. They truly light up every corner of my yard as if it were daytime. The lights are straightforward to connect once you have everything wired properly. They are fully weather-proof. It’s easy to clean off the glass fronts. My only small complaint is that I’d like them to be easier to wire up through a junction box instead of a plug. Overall, these are great lights. I recommend them.

  8. Alejandro

    I had a client that had old floodlights lighting a tennis court. It was time to get some new ones. I put 10 of these to light the court and it was perfect. The lit the court very well. They were very easy to replace and fairly easy to adjust the angles. They may look small in comparison to your traditional floods but they are more than adequate.

  9. Glenn Chapman

    Great product for the $. Easy to install

  10. TimothyTimothy

    I really think everyone is going to love these lights. First lets get to the obvious these lights are bright! They are brighter than any wired flood light I have ever seen on the market. The housing design is really nice and its solid construction and head dissipating radiator like fins on the back prevent over heating. The lights were easy to install but unfortunately they do not come with mounting screws or bolts. The mounting bracket comes attached to the lights and you have a good clearance to install them as is without the need to disconnect them from the lights. These lights are water proof and after inspecting them after a full day of rain they were bone dry and started right up. These lights will more than suit your lighting needs rather it be industrial, business or residential applications. And it is a very good price.

  11. Holydiver951

    These things are awesome!

  12. Justin CzechJustin Czech

    These replaced a pair of 250W HID’s that provide light for our church entrance. The new LED’s installed seamlessly, and the adjustable knuckle was key to helping throw light where we wanted. Since these are on the North facing side of the church we use a z-wave micro controller to automate the on/off functionality. This ensures the lights come on when we want them, and the time is adjusted as the sunset/sunrise times change throughout the year. Yes, the z-wave network is a little more expensive than your standard photocell, but it’s much more reliable.

  13. Humberto Perez

    Awesome fixture, very bright, happy with the purchase

  14. Rookie Malhotra

    These outdoor flood lights are phonemnal!Here’s my list to simplify everything down!Positives:- Plug and Play!- Super Bright:One flood light lights up my entire backyard unlike any other.- Sleek Desgin!- Normal three prong plug!Negatives:- None!Final Thoughts?Nothing fancy, these floodlights are bright and just do the trick.

  15. funbear

    I use these ground mounted as construction lightsthey are superb lights, bright, no excessive heat build up, great lumenseasy to direct and amazing value at this price point!!hard to find a flaw here, price is very good considering the quality of these lights5 stars, recommended!

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