400W solar led street light Outdoor Waterproof IP66

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400W solar led street light Outdoor Waterproof IP66 Solar Motion Sensor Street Light ,6500K Dusk to Dawn Solar LED Outdoor Security Lights with Remote Control for Parking Lots,Stadium,Yard,Roadway,Garden,Playground

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400W Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Street Light

400W Solar Flood Lights key feature

What are you considering about?

Have you ever noticed the big waste of electricity bills?

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to wire and install new lights on the exterior of your home or business?

Have you ever noticed solar powered lighting can save your bills?

Ecledmall noticed that all. We are supporting here for your energy savings with 0 electricity bills.

400W Solar Flood Lights lighting feature

Solar Powered outdoor Lights& 0 Electricity Bills

0 Electricity Bills
Super Bright 5730 SMD Chips
Dusk to dawn photocell & Motion Sensor
Smart Remote Control
High conversion solar panels
Easy to install & Cordless
3 years warranty

Product Features

  • Motion Sensing and Dusk to Dawn sensing
  • Adjustable brightness and lighting time
  • Motion sensing brightness adjustable
  • Can choose constant brightness or motion sensing mode
  • Lights can be turned off automatically or manually

0 Electricity Bills & Dusk to Dawn Lighting

400W Solar Flood Lights Dusk to dawn
400W Solar flood lights illumination
400W Solar flood lights motion sensor

400W Solar flood lights key feature

400W Solar flood lights brightness

High efficiency

Super bright SMD5730 LED chips,624 pcs LEDs

makes higher output reach 20,000 lumens.

Lower light decay makes longer lifetime

400W Solar flood lights solar panel

High conversion solar panel

High efficiency Polysilicon 6V 40W solar panel

20% increased charging speed.

400W Solar flood lights battery

42,000 mAh Large Capacity Battery

High quality new energy vehicles version battery.

Working time is up to 12-16 Hours after full charge 6-8 Hours.

2500 times charging cycles,3-5 years lifetime

400W Solar flood lights waterproof

Waterproof and Lightning protection

IP66 Waterproof

Operating temperature: -4 °F-176 °F


400W Solar Flood Lights 6 level brightness

400W Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Street Light Q & A

Q1: How long can this 400W solar flood lights outdoor stay on when it is fully charged?

A1: If the battery is fully charged after 6-8 Hours,this 400W solar street lights can work more than 12 hours all night at full brightness and 36 hours in dim mode.

Q2: How far is the motion sensor detect motion? and can I adjust the standby brightness?

A2: (1) The installation height we recommend is 16-20ft.The detect motion distance is 26-32ft.

(2) The intelligent remote control distance is 30ft. and it can adjust the standby brightness from 10%-100% whatever you want.

Q3: What is the lifespan of this led solar outdoor lights? Can I replace the battery if it failed at end?

A3: (1) Our battery lifetime is 2,500 cycles.It is around 3-5 years for use.

(2) Yes,you can order from us for replacement of the battery when lifespan is over.

Q4: Is it waterproof?Can this solar street light work in heavy snow?

A4: Yes, it is. The 400W Solar street Lights is IP66 waterproof, no need to worry about rain or snow, and it can work in high temperature or cold weather ( -4℉~176℉).

Q5: What shall I pay attention to installing this outdoor solar lights motion sensor?

A5: (1) We offer 15ft extension cord so that you can put the solar panel wherever you want.It would be ideal to place the solar panel under direct sunlight to keep sure the sufficient charge efficiency.

(2) Charge the lamp for a minimum of 10-12 hours initially for best results.

(3) You can choose to install it on the wall or on a pole which is with a diameter of 1inch-4inch(not included).And the bracket angle of the solar panel can be adjusted to maximize the efficiency of absorbing sunlight.

Weight5.8 lbs
Dimensions67 × 42 × 20 in


Color Temperature


Mounting Kit

Wall & Pole Mounting

Ships From

United States

Delivery time

3-5 business days


Dusk to Dawn


3 years

Qty/ Package


Motion Sensor


19 reviews for 400W solar led street light Outdoor Waterproof IP66

  1. Lynk

    Easy to install. I was able to seperate the solar panel from the light and install the light inside where I needed it. The light has worked faithfully dawn to dusk. On stormy days, it doesn’t have the all night battery charge, but I do have it installed in a shady oak tree area. Light output is decent, not super bright. Highly recommend for it’s easy use and durability.

  2. Joshua ButlerJoshua Butler

    Light is well made. Battery was already mostly charged out the box. All tools, bolts, remote, and batteries for the remote were with it. Putting it together was easy. Will update later with pictures of the light being mounted. Shipping was super fast as well. Sencon light was also will made and everything was in box like last one! I live in Louisiana and light keeps a charge to run all night even during rain or cloudy days! I definitely recommend this light for the price!

  3. Satya

    All excited about this solar light. It does not come with the pole – but that did not stop me from testing it out. Had the solar panel connected to the light and had it under the the sun whole day and tested it in the night. Amazing brightness. Coverage area about 200 sqft, but that will increase when i have it installed on the pole. Setup was pretty easy. Quality of the product feels good. Planning to buy another one, so that I do not have to worry about my backyard.

  4. C HUYNH

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     After spending some time for searching at last I can find the product that is really waterproof, I bought this light for my back yard and it is very bright with just one day solar charging, it is not heavy and very easy to set up. I highly recommend this product as it saves a lot of money with solar energy and give my back yard the light without paying any penny for electric bill.

  5. Venkata

    Huge light, my whole backyard is lighting. As it is bit heavy I install to separate pole rather than wall. Light goes high when there is motion. Also various mode settings can be set. My powered flood light was not on at nights times because of power consumption, now this light take care my backyard at no monthly cost

  6. Alonzo

    Light works great, everything needed was included and it arrived as stated. securely packaged and not damaged.Its a great product, if I had more space for lights, I’d buy another. Motion detection could be better, but its not a problem, because its mounted in the front and cars passing does not affect it. It does pick up motion walking under the glow area of the light which is good.It has adjustable brightness, It has multiple time setting for the light to be on, as well as to stay on for 4 hrs and be motion activated for 4hs, or on 4hr and motion activated for 6 hrs, or on for 4hs and motion activated for 8 hrs. you can also turn it on for 6hr or turn it on for 8hrs (all excellent options)Remote has a signal button, I have not used it, I am thinking maybe its to select motion only ?I’ve recommended it to my friends and for one friend to install them around his actually made a very good “Front Yard Light’ … I mounted it to a 10ft 4by4…. It would work to cover a larger areas on a taller 4×4… so that’s up to the user as to what they like.I will likely buy one and mount it on my craft shop.

  7. John

    When I received this light it rained for 5 days. While waiting for ladder climbing weather, I preassembled the light to make sure everything would go smoothly while on the ladder. Assembly was very easy. everything fit as intended. The tube is a little thin so use care when tightening the set screws to avoid damaging the tube. I also suggest mounting the solar panel bracket to the panel so you only need to install 2 bolts to mount the solar panel.Its easy to get an angle for sunlight at almost any position as shown by both the shadow from the eave and the panel reflection on the eave in the first picture. This light sensor is sensitive. I’m a little close to the street so passing traffic from my side of the road can trigger it. I was initially worried the battery wouldn’t last the night from constant use. After several nights trial. it is just as effective and bright shortly before dawn as it is just after dusk.Note. While pics were edited to rotate and saved locally, for some reason they are still trying to upload sideways. Apologies for any stiff necks.

  8. Y. R. Wu

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     On the back of the house we have a garden shed and a firewood pile, and a solar light was going to be a lot easier than trying to wire a light from the garage.There isn’t a motion sensor on this light, it just comes on automatically when it gets dark, or there is an option to have the light on for 2/3/5/8/10 hours – although the sparse instructions didn’t explain how. (there are buttons on the remote, I assume there is some sort of internal clock that has the light come on at the same time each night)The LED light is well-constructed – it’s a high quality die casting, not sure if it’s aluminum or zinc, although there was a blemish on the paint. Lights fired right up when I plugged in the solar panel so everything worked. The remote allowed me to turn it off or change the power. The bracket is welded steel with acceptable quality – be careful with the wiring hole as there is a very sharp edge inside. Weight of the complete unit is just over 11 lbs.Assembly was very simple and didn’t require the instructions. It took me less than 20 minutes. I did need needle nose pliers (not supplied in kit) in order to attach the solar panel to the bracket.Adjustability is excellent – the solar panel pivots +/- 45 degrees to each side, and tilts another 45 degrees, however since the arm has a ~15 degree tilt, that means that the solar panel can tilt to nearly vertical (70 degrees) if facing away from the light, or about 25 degrees toward the light.This solar light puts out a LOT of light, though I’m doubtful it’s the 6000 lumens claimed. Using a light meter (Lux reading) and bouncing the light off a white ceiling in the basement, I’d estimate 100% to be around 300 lumens. Very respectable and this gives a 5.6” lux reading at 22 feet, but definitely shy of the 6000 lumens claimed. This was with the battery at about 50% of charge, so it could be higher with a full charge, but in December here in Michigan we’re not seeing a lot of sun during the day.

  9. bristleconepinesbristleconepines

    Lights up the drive nicely attached to a tree, but could be a pole support or attached to a wall. The black heavy duty arm is more unobtrusive than aluminum versions I saw offered and so less likely to be played with or stolen, though the height it hangs at ideally would make this tough. Nice case for the light split into separate LED sections ( 6. ) I like the versatility and the intensity of the light provided. Good Seller.

  10. johnny`s kindle

    Mounted easily on a 2 inch 10 foot galvanized pole . Used to replace my outside electric lamp post light which had a short or leak in the underground electrical wire. THE SOLAR LIGHT avoided an expensive repair bill and since it is solar powered, like the dusk to dawn feature, also save on the electric bill.

  11. R.C.

    This light has a good size battery that can keep it working all night on a full charge. It is bright and gives good and useful illumination and the sensor works very well. It has very fast response when motion is detected. Installation is not difficult as long as you are comfortable with using ladders safely. To avoid handling the full weight. The arm mount can be installed to the pole or wall location and once secured the light housing and solar panel can be installed. Overall, it’s a very good light and has enough features to match many intended uses. These are perfect for the areas in the backyard where there’s no wiring to power standard lighting.

  12. Geeked Out ReviewsGeeked Out Reviews

    I purchased this because we like to hangout a lot in our back yard. My wife wanted me to find some kind of light to light up the back yard. This honestly was more overkill than I knew but it’s not the products fault. It does work well so we are keeping it and you can adjust the brightness. A smaller version likely would have been better but I went full Tim the Tool Man Taylor on this and wanted more power. So far the kids have not blinded themselves with it so I believe it still works. The panel is impressive. It definitely has no issues charging the light. It wrapped perfectly around the playhouse. I would recommend this but depending on your placement you may want less power. I did have an issue with the first one I was sent, however the seller was able to help me with the problem promptly so I would recommend this for customer service reasons as well.

  13. signguysignguy

    Very happy with new light. Works great.

  14. John Buswell

    I bought this for above my garage. It works great, cars coming into the driveway will set off the motion detection as will people walking near the garage. Works as expected. I mounted it on the wall about 2 feet above the garage door into siding. I had to buy some lag bolts (the kit that came with it is for a pole mount) and I had to mount the solar panel beside it (the panel is too big and the angle is too steep on the light to mount it on the light pole when attaching it to the garage). Was a much easier install. It gets light from about noon until dusk and its always been fully charged. I leave it in the always on at night low light mode which then brightens when it detects motion. Plan on buying more.

  15. RedDawgRedDawg

    Purchased two of these to illuminate an area on our lake. The photos show one light elevated about 15 feet. The distance across the weir dam is 120 feet. As you can see, these lights are impressive. These not only provide security but also provide illumination for our cameras at night.Additionally, I had to contact TenKoo (vendor) with a small issue I was having. They responded to my email within 30 minutes! The rep was very nice and eager to help. It’s not often you find good support these days.Would I buy these again? Absolutely. Matter of fact, my neighbor is interested in getting one for his property. Cheaper than a powered street light and illuminates great. The remote is handy as well since you can configure the light in various ways.

  16. Kevin Bryant

    This is the second one I have purchased. It really is really bright and doesn’t cost anything on my electric Bill. I bought it to deter anyone from trying to break into my garage. Easy to install and comes with anchors to install it to concrete instead of a pole.

  17. James3713

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     Easy to install. Works as advertised. Pleased with built quality and brightness. Built like a industrial street light. Solar works great and last all night. Product is really waterproof. I highly recommend this product as it saves money and works great with solar energy. My second light from tenkoo and never had a problem. Customer service is great. Would buy again.

  18. krashkrash

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     The light arrived in time, within a week. Well packaged but the remote was loose in the box. Took an hour to install. The light charged in the afternoon and was well lit by night, see picture. Lot of settings to meet everyones needs from 6 to 8 hours always on or on for couple hours and then motion sensing mode and auto on from dawn to dusk. Light is holding up for now and overall pleased with built quality and brightness, see video.

  19. Swee Ho

    The brightness on this is great. I recently bought from another company, and wasn’t satisfied, but this one was perfect.

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