Dusk to Dawn Photocell for Outdoor Lights

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Dusk to Dawn Photocell for Outdoor Lights, UL Listed,Photocell for Outdoor Lights, Twist Lock Photo Control Light Sensor, Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor, Blue

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Dusk to Dawn Photocell Description

Why Choose STAR EVER LIGHTING Dusk to Dawn Photocell?

  • | UL LISTED | Our photocell sensor is with UL, as a result, it ensures quality and your safety. Being UL listed qualifies this photocell sensor for a wide range of residential and commercial lighting applications. Such as outdoor area lights, parking lot shoe box lights, street lights.
  • | EASY TO INSTALL | The photocell sensor inside senses sunlight and automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn consequently. The turn lock design makes it easy to remove and install if replacement is needed. Standard prongs ensures this sensor could be used with any standard twist lock receptacle.
  • | TIME DELAY FEATURE | Works with standard NEMA turn lock receptacles commonly found on dusk to dawn type barn or post lights. A built-in 5-second time delay feature avoids false triggers such as car headlights, lightening or other temporary light source.
  • | ELECTRICAL SPECS | AC 120V 60Hz, 208-277V 50 Hz, 1000W Tungsten, 1800VA Ballast; incandescent, fluorescent, LED, halogen, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and CFL compatible. User manual is available for download in Technical Specification section in the lower right of this page.
Dusk to Dawn Photocell lighting
How STAR EVER LIGHTING LED Parking Lot Lights Save Energy?
  • Super bright 140lm/w 42,000LM LED parking lot lights 300W, can replace 1000W HID Equivalent.
  • STAR EVER LIGHTING 300W LED Parking Lot Lights reduce parking lot energy use by over 80% in comparison to traditional or conventional lights.
  • The dollar value savings achieved through the use of LEDs would be close to $300 if not more for each light fixture in a facility, yearly.
  • It offers photocell sensor controls to automatically power on and off the LEDs from dusk to dawn. Making energy-saving a reality.
  • LED area lighting virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance with some fixtures, reaches a maximum of 82.2 years lifetime at 77°F. Even running 8 hours a day.

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5 reviews for Dusk to Dawn Photocell for Outdoor Lights

  1. tjayb

    Avoided repairing my outdoor shop light thinking the whole fixture would require replacement and lived with the light being on all day for 6 months. Finally took a shot at ordering this sensor not sure if it would fit and work on a 30 year old sodium shop lamp. Took less than a minute to install and it’s been working for 2 months now. Hardest part is finding a ladder high enough to safely reach the fixture.

  2. Barrack Obama

    So I had been “living” with my driveway light staying on all the time. I finally got my ladder out and noted how badly the sensor on the light looked. I found this one on Amazon for a great price. Even though our Regent light fixture is well over 20 years old the old sensor came off easily and this one went on just as easily. We’ll see if this one lasts for 20 years, but so far very satisfied.

  3. Justin Hoover

    Easy install, quarter turn twist lock. Direct fit to dusk to dawn lights. The sensor is a high quality photodiode, it looks like it will last. It looks like the sensor will continue to work even after the clear plastic sensor cover inevitably fogs due to UV. Foam seal comes attached to the sensor to keep the water out. Can’t beat the price, considering the MFG wants $50 for this sensor. I wasn’t going to replace my MFG sensor that was broken until I found this one.

  4. Scott

    This product is working great for my yard light. The light was installed improperly by the previous owner in that the light sensor faces southwest instead of north, but this unit has been working without any issues so far.I assume that eventually the direct UV light will destroy the sensor, so I’ll add an update when the unit stops working. To be clear, when it fails on me it will be a worst-case scenario because it is not properly installed. When it is installed correctly the product’s lifespan should be far greater than whatever lifespan my unit experiences.

  5. microbeguy

    Gave it a 3 on durability as I don’t know its longevity. Otherwise works as described. I did add an extra layer of foam at its base as my light fixture was not tall enough to tightly catch the bottom of this sensor. Used a piece of foam tape. Unlike the one it replaced it does not activate to off during a lighting storm. Good feature…

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