led barn lights 120W

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LED barn lights 120W Dusk to Dawn Light with photocell,16200LM 5000K Daylight IP65 Waterproof for Outdoor Yard Lighting

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120W LED Outdoor LED Barn Lighting

120W LED Outdoor LED Barn Lighting

STAR EVER LIGHTING Outdoor Yard Light Dusk to Dawn Photocell 120 Watts instantly increases safety and security by providing great bright lighting of 350 Watt. In addition, it’s modern, stylish looking and makes it blend into the weather. Dusk to Dawn Photocell Included, Perfect Yard Light is high waterproof and dustproof rating makes the barn light work properly even in outdoor wet locations with rain exposition. Perfect for outdoor applications.

    120W LED Wall Pack Lights key feature

    120W Barn Light waterproof

    IP65 Waterproof

    Professional IP65 waterproof protection device, can be used in a wide temperature range (-40+104F).

    120W Barn Light Long lasting housing

    50,000 Hours Long Lasting

    Reduce the frequency of re-lamping because of the ultra-long lasting performance with over 50,000 hours’ lifespan, based on average use that’s 5 years.

    120W Barn Light Mounting height

    Mounting Height

    We recommend mounting this 50w barn light at a height of 15-27 feet, and the light coverage would be 51-92ft in diameter.

    120W LED Barn Light Dusk to Dawn photocell
    120W LED Barn Light waterproof
    120W LED Barn Light key feature
    Weight5.8 lbs
    Dimensions67 × 42 × 20 in


    Color Temperature


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    Dusk to Dawn


    3 years

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    15 reviews for led barn lights 120W

    1. Susan

      Works well for outside lighting

    2. Jim

      I received the package in three days, well packaged and complete. We replaced an old unit (transformer attached) and the installation went quite smoothly. Find the circuit breaker and be sure it’s OFF before installing !! Shirtless, sweating, powered installation is Not recommended ! (Don’t ask, I know better)This unit, roof mounted, lights the driveway and flagpole almost like daylight, I think I’ll get one for the Back yard too.This unit was installed last weekend (4 July) so I can’t report durability, but I’m very satisfied so far.

    3. Amazon Customer

      I was initially disappointed because it seems to cover the same distance as the 65watt fluorescent light it replaced. The picture shows it angled outward more than at a 90 degree angle. This is what I was expecting and would work best for my application but it mounts more at a downward angle. So I made a wedge and secured it at the bottom of the mounting arm so the light shines more outward. Really made a difference!

    4. William Baxter

      I needed a to add a light to keep people from breaking into my vehicles, thought about getting the larger LED light from this vendor but settled for this one guessing it would not be enough light but would not annoy the neighbors or city and their lighting ordinances. Well I was wrong… this thing lights the front of my driveway, the sidewalk and half the road up better than the city streetlight across the street. Extremely happy and amazed at how much light and the area this fixture covers.

    5. Kathy E.

      Does a great job.I bought this to replace a halogen light that kept burning out transformers, got tired of dragging out the big ladder and climbing the poe to rebuild it several times only to have it go out again and again.This one has been trouble free so far, covers a little more than the old one and gives off a nice clear light. I had already replaced the backyard light with a LED light and wanted the same for the front, this one does the job.Cons.The pole supplied doesn’t sit very well against a round pole, I had to bend it to the shape of the pole but found out after installation it didn’t hold the pole very well, it was easily moved even after it was tightened.Had to remove it and keep bending it to fit, problem being is as you bend the outside edges it pushes the inside of the clamp away from the pole leaving it very loose, a few whacks with a big hammer finally did the trick.Great light but the clamp for the pole is made for mounting to a flat surface.

    6. Wanagi Hokshila

      This arrived well packaged. Had directions of how to install that were simple to follow. The light itself turns on at dusk and off in the morning light. It’s very bright and illuminates a large area like that of a street light. The light is a cool white.

    7. jerry f riosjerry f rios

      Couldn’t ask for a better light. Its absolutely a perfect upgrade from our old halide one. So much brighter and much more efficient.

    8. Colby Jewell

      Great light and pretty easy to install. Plenty of light for a smaller LED light great for a driveway or front of barn or shop.

    9. Young FarmsYoung Farms

      I was skeptical about the light as I was replacing a 400w metal halide unit. My old light would light up the area and we used it as a standard for 30 yrs. This thing puts out an obnoxious amount of light. The light produces a clear crisp light that makes the area daylight.Mine is mounted 20ft up and lights up an area of 60 radius.I bought two so the second is going to be mounted at 50 ft for a different purpose and have very high hopes.Can’t wait for the energy savings!

    10. ronnie rucker

      Have. Mounted 27 ft. On pole for at least 4 months.. This has easy to replace dusk to dawn sensor..Had 45watt with built in sensor sensor went out.. Replaced with much trouble.. Then did not come on consistently… More time needed to give a true review.. Because we live in a throwaway world…tjhngsare not being made to last..

    11. Michael Travis Hoke

      Great product! First one that came in, got wired up and mounted. Came on for about 5 minutes, then nothing. Changed the eye on top with a new one and it blew it up too. I contacted Amazon return and reported that matter and they sent another one very promptly. Second one is absolutely perfect! It’s the best outside dusk till dawn on the market for the price. It puts the older lights to shame. The adjustable head is a big plus. I will definitely be purchasing more soon. 💡 👍 😊

    12. Eagle Manufacturing Solutions, LLC

      I mounted it on a 30′ power pole back at my pond for night lighting. Love it!I also mounted 1 on the front of my big garage. it has 12′ walls so it is up high at the peak of the roof.puts out a lot of security lighting. I am planning to purchase another one for the back of it

    13. Ken S.

      My old yard light died a couple of years ago and it was never that bright. We originally replaced it with a 200 watt solar powered light which never seemed to light up the yard very well. We recently had some trespassers/vandals at our house on three separate occasions so we decided to put up more security cameras and a better yard light as we live in a rural location.After installing the new LED barn light, the difference truly was night and day. We can see clearly now at night and much further. The whole yard is lit up well and the cameras we have can pick up intruders more easily.The install was not easy for no other reason than we used the original light pole and we wanted the light as high as possible. 25 feet high I would guess. The actual fitting of the light was simple. The light construction seemed sturdy and the the fact that it uses LED means that it won’t cost much to run. I would highly recommend this light to anyone.

    14. Chris L

      Finally, got around to installing this light and after weeks, I began to doubt if I got the right WATTAGE of light that would need to cover a dark area at our complex. Sure enough, the lighting was perfect and it was easy to install. Love that it comes with the dusk to dawn sensor so we don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off and also love that its low WATTAGE with bright output. Love the modern design too!

    15. D. Keith Parrott

      This light is replacing a normal incandescent 175 W security light – – it’s very good quality and instructions were complete. It is brighter then my old security light – it also has a whiter light. Easy installation – – would highly recommend.

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