led grow lights Bars Foldable 660W

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LED Grow Lights Bars Foldable 660W Dimmable Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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Why choose STAR EVER LIGHTING LED Grow Light Bars Foldable 660W

About LED Grow Light Bars Foldable 660W

High Efficiency LED grow light: The led grow lights with high performance:1850umol/s,2.8umol/J,upto 40% energy saving and 40% less HVAC requirement.

Flip-open and Folding design: Our Grow lights with Flip-open design easy to open driver box, it’s convenient to maintain and replace. Fold design for Easy & Fast installation

Full Spectrum and Dimmable: Full Spectrum white light 2520pcs LED + 96pcs 660nm plant red light,Knob+RJ11 port dimming.0-10V Dimming(Dim to off 0%). Full-Body Aluminium Heatsink to get the best heat dissipation,make sure the longer lifespan.

Widely application: this 6-light-bars led grow light fixture mostly applied to indoor gardening, grow tent, greenhouse, hydroponics, bonsai, seed breeding, flower blooming.

Customer service: Super durable and reusable with 50,000 house lifespan, our led grow light with 5 years warranty, For any question, pls feel free to contact us, We will help you resolve it within 24 hours.

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Full Spectrum

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7 reviews for led grow lights Bars Foldable 660W

  1. opal

    This 660 watt grow light is much more massive than what I was expecting, weighing in at nearly 40 lbs. For comparison, another high quality 240 watt light that I have weighs just 8 lbs, which is 5 times lighter while only being 3 times less powerful. The 240w light does have it’s diodes more tightly clustered though, which makes a much smaller footprint. I was hoping to use this 660w light to replace the 240w light in a 4x4x8 grow tent, but unfortunately I am now too apprehensive hanging that much weight from the top support bars to feel it would be safe.I was still able to give these lights a full test, in which they did very well, with only one small exception. I turned the dimmer dial all the way down to what I thought was 0 percent before I plugged the driver in, and when I plugged in the first light in afterwards I was quite surprised when it came on in my face at full strength. After I quit seeing so many spots everywhere I was finally able to notice that just below the 0 percent mark is another setting that skips the dimmer function entirely and goes straight to maximum brightness, and once I corrected the setting it then worked fine.After putting a welding mask on I was able to carefully examine all of the diodes while they were lit, and found none of them to be malfunctioning. The brand of diodes used with this light is not stated, but hopefully the 50k hour/5 year warranty included will help to ease my concerns. I also checked out the seller, who appears to be reliable, however if I have any personal experiences with them in the future suggesting otherwise, or I have any other significant issues develop with the unit, then I will be sure to update this review with any problems and hopefully also their solutions.I still like this light’s power and durability so much that I will definitely be using it eventually, but sadly not before upgrading my grow room so I can accommodate this beast. I can only blame myself for this situation though, as I neglected to read through the entire description to see in the fine print what it actually weighed. Not counting anything I consider my fault, I still feel this deserves 5 stars, but as I mentioned before if I have any unsolvable problems come up with it in the future then I will update this rating as well.Dephen 660W LED Grow Lights-3.9×3.6ft Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 2.8 µmol/J Commercial LED Plant Light Foldable & Dimmable Daisy Chain Plant Grow Lights Indoor (3120pcs LEDs)

  2. Sparky

    This is by far the best led light I have tested so far. The light output is massive. I have this supplementing the light between two 1000W DE lights and it fills in the space nicely. I may consider a couple more depending on my results with this one. The construction is good and the fixture has a good quality feel to it, it feels like a professional light. I think this will last me for many years to come. 5 STARS

  3. gabe settecasegabe settecase

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     Amazing light for flower and veg. Much less heat than my hps and same yeild definitely a game changer for me ! And it can be connected to my trolmaster for auto dim ! And daisy chain! Very easy to install

  4. I love Stuff

    Build quality is excellent here. The covered PSU, the aluminum heat spreaders and the light construction is all top notch. The dimmer and folding both work well. My wattage from the wall was a little hot at 672w but well within +-5%. All the hanging gear is your typical included kit. I have no means of testing spectrum, but everything looks right. I have no doubt that this will grow plants.I currently only have a 4×4 tent. This is far too much light for that. This isn’t a complaint, but just more of a note on my experience. Yes you can dim the light, but the light actually touch’s the walls of my tent. It just isn’t a good fit. I would recommend a 5×5 at minimum for this light. Even better would be a 8×8. This can surely handle it. This is a great light and a great price for the wattage and massive amounts of light you are getting. The bar style setup allows for a much better light spread.

  5. tengteng

    This led light fixture is well made. It’s super bright and there are no fans. Dimmable switch is a game changer- really going blind when it’s at max lighting output, have to dim it down when working in the room. Come with 2 pulley hanging chain so it is easy to adjust the height and a digital temperature gauge which is awesome. Cant wait to see the end result of my harvest. ❤️

  6. Avid online shopperAvid online shopper

    I have an eight by nine area with 7 ft ceilings and in this area I put two of the-6500, and 2-4000. This canopies the whole room with a couple feet at each outside along wall. Used to run 2-1000 and 2-600 HID with a 900$ electric bills (summer). Bills down to 600$ and room is running a lot less stressful. Much less radiant heat near the ceiling and it allows a taller grow. HIDs usually produced about 3 lb. Now with the LEDs I getting 6 lb. Same plants so I trust the results are very accurate. Plants had a lot more room because canopy light is evenly distributed above them and they really seem to like the light spectrum. I do not know if this company is using Samsung spectrum diodes as I have seen no information so I do not know how long they will last, but for now they are working.

  7. CozyCozy

    I liked the first one that I bought so much that I bought one more of these and two of their other lights as well. They have all done a great job so far. I contacted their customer support about an issue that I was having and they got back to pretty quickly. I’ve been very impressed with the customer service that they have provided. It helps make me feel safe about the purchase. I’d recommend this brand of light to anyone that would like a professional light at a great price. I’m just shy of having them up for a month and my plants are booming under these things!

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