LED Parking Lot Lights 300W super bright area lights


LED Parking Lot Lights 300W, STAR EVER LIGHTING Waterproof IP65 LED Shoebox Area Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell – 5000K 1000W Equivalent

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LED Parking Lot Lights 300w Product Description

300W LED Parking Lot Lights, 1000W HID Equivalent Shoebox Lights

300w Parking Lot lights

Why Choose STAR EVER LIGHTING 300W Parking Lot Light?

Up to 140 lm/w – 42,000LM Super bright LED Parking Lot Light brings your parking lot,driveway,sport court and yard etc as bright as daylight,Safety and Convenient;

Dusk to Dawn Photocell sensor – Automatically Light OFF at sunrise/daytime and Light ON at sundown/night;

Slip-fitter Mount – Suitable for Round and Square Pole, meets different installation demands;

IP 65 Waterproof – to protect against dust or damp locations, which makes the 300w LED Shoebox Light well suited to illuminate outdoor area locations consequently.

High Performance – Constructed of Die Casting Aluminum Housing and PC lens provide remarkable heat dissipation. As a result, it is more stable and reliable;

Reliable quality – Lifetime more than 50,000 Hours as a matter of fact.

How STAR EVER LIGHTING LED Parking Lot Lights Save Energy?

Super bright 140lm/w 42,000LM LED parking lot lights 300W. So it can replace 1000W HID Equivalent.STAR EVER LIGHTING 300W LED Parking Lot Lights reduce parking lot energy use by over 80% in comparison to traditional or conventional lights.The dollar value savings achieved through the use of LEDs would be close to $300 if not more for each light fixture in a facility, yearly.

It offers photocell sensor controls to automatically power on and off the LEDs from dusk to dawn, making energy-saving a reality.LED area lighting virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance with some fixtures, reaches a maximum of 82.2 years lifetime at 77°F. Even running 8 hours a day.

The light distribution of STAR EVER shoebox light is type III. That is to say, it is suitable for illumination at the side of the streets or parking lot areas.

300w LED Area Light key feature

parking lot light

Super brightness 140lm/w LED chips

STAR EVER LIGHTING 300W outdoor shoebox lights with up to 140LM/W SMD2835 LED chips with vertical lens and gather 4 LED in one Chip which can deliver 42,000 lumens only consume 300watt power. Save 80% electricity bill for you.

Comes with 3 modules LED PCB for wider and larger illumination area, which is better lighting for commercial parking lots area.

led parking lot light

Dusk to Dawn lighting with Photocell

STAR EVER LIGHTING 300W led dusk to dawn outdoor lighting,

With twist lock blue dusk-to-dawn led parking lot light photocell sensor, the light will automatically turns OFF at sunrise/dawn and ON at sundown/dusk,for even higher energy efficiency and cost savings.

300W Parking Lot Lights

IP65 waterproof led parking lot light
STAR EVER LIGHTING dusk to dawn led outdoor lighting

IP65 waterproof seal

Each light goes through strict waterproof test before leaving the factory.

Not afraid of any damp and bad weather, no matter rain, snow or heat, it will ensure the light work properly.

Easy to Install

300w parking lot light pole

Connect the power cord correctly, please wire according to the instruction guide

300w parking lot light pole


Place the fixture slip fitter mount onto the round or square pole.

300w parking lot light pole

Fix the fixture with the screws and keep sure it tighten and best lighting angle.

Typical Height of Installation on 300W LED Parking Lot Lights

300W LED Parking Lot Light: 25-35ft


The higher mounting height is, the larger irradiation area will cover.
The lower mounting height is, the better light efficiency/brightness will be.
The Light Effects May be Affected by the Real-time Environment.
STAR EVER LIGHTING care about the puzzles you had. we are pleased to provide the lighting layout for your choice.
What is the packing included?

1* 300w Led Parking Lot Light, 1 * Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor
1* Slip Fitter Mount , 1 * User Manual

Carefully take out the LED Parking Lot Light fixture and bracket, from the box and check that all parts are included. Do not attempt to assemble the product if any part is missing or damaged.
Turn off electrical power before starting installation of the Parking Lot Lights.
Should be installed by qualified electricians.
A loose wire increases the risk of fire; tighten all connections securely.

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