UFO LED High Bay Lights 150W with super bright

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STAR EVER LIGHTING UFO LED High Bay Lights 150W 1-10V Dimmable 5000K 21,000lm LED High Bay Light Fixture 5′ Cable With US Plug [250W/400W MH/HPS Equiv.] 100-277V, Commercial Warehouse Area Light for Wet Location

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140lm/w 150W UFO led high bay lights

150W UFO high bay light key feature


High bay light fixtures are used to illuminate large indoor spaces with high ceilings. They’re not only designed to produce a bright, clean light from high ceilings, but also deliver a powerful, high quality light source. As one of the commercial lighting suppliers, we based in the USA and we know how to make premium high bay lights. For the past few years, over 100,000 UFO high bay lights have been sold and hundreds of thousands of projects have been completed.

How to choose UFO high bay light fixtures?

How many fixtures should you get?


  • “I am looking to bring some more light into my L shape warehouse, so simply exchanging fluorescent to led might not work. The long side (length) is ~190 ft, short side (length) is ~140 ft, long Width is ~ 100 ft, short Width is ~50 ft. Can I get some advice on what is the best solution for my application pls?”


  • Hi . Based on our diagram above, we recommend using (7) 150W LED UFO high bays to give you complete coverage in your warehouse! Hanging them at 14ft and they are pretty intense. Lights directly light a 45×45 space per light at that height.
150W UFO High bay Light illumination coverage

Why choose STAR EVER LIGHTING 150W UFO led high bay lights?

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Hollow Out Heat sink Design

The aluminum die-casting heat sink, provides an Amazing Heat Dissipation, ensure a long lasting lifespan of the light.

150W UFO high bay light waterproof

IP65 Waterproof

STAR EVER LIGHTING 150w high bay lights is IP65 waterproof rated, suitable for both wet and damp locations.

1-10v dimming

Energy-Efficient Driver

Our UFO high bay light built with high quality LED driver, provides at least 50000 hours of lifetime, it is energy efficient and electricity saving.

150W UFO High Bay-details-4

Safe & Reliable

With a safety cable to make the luminaire more stable and safe.

Material: Die-casting aluminum housing with thermal conductivity and the hollow heat sink make an excellent heat dissipation to protect and expand the usage time of the LED and driver. Its paint surface prevents it away from oxidation, corrosion, and rust.

150W UFO High Bay-details-5

US Hook (Stainless Steel)

No need to purchase additional accessories to easily complete the installation of the fixture. With US hooks, you only need to rotate the hook to the lamp, then connect the hook to the hanger and tighten the screw to achieve easy installation.

150W UFO High Bay-details-6

Fast & Easy Installation

The UFO LED high-bay lights with a 3.28 ft power cord and provide you a 2ft waterproof cable with a standard 110V US plug. You can plug it in standard 110V socket directly ,or use it for wiring . It all depends on you!

150W UFO high bay 0-10v dimming

1-10V Dimmable

Our UFO high bay light has built-in dimming cord to connect 1-10V DC dimming switch for adjusting the brightness.

150W UFO High Bay Light Application
Weight7.68 lbs
Dimensions11.75 × 11.75 × 6.5 in


Color Temperature


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United States

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15 reviews for UFO LED High Bay Lights 150W with super bright

  1. Noihsaf Noihsaf

    I absolutely love this light. I have two in the garage and they really put out some light.

  2. Jake V

    After much review and sifting the many results of Amazon high bay lights, I settled on these units from Hykolity for reasons of best price, solid technical details for designing my layout, and overall good history with customers.I have a 50’x84′ shop that I wanted to replace some dim florescent lighting with, and these seemed to fit the need for producing the needed light with as little units as possible. I Was able to replace 6x 8′ florescent assemblies with only 4x of these 150w high bay lights. The great part is, it was just a replacement, it was a vast improvement. My shop is very well lit now in my center area where I placed these lights. I put them at 16′ high, in my center area which is about 40×50 of the shop footprint. The lighting is very well covered and the only extra lights I’ve added were just small units above my workbench for an extra kick of light with fine working on the bench itself.Every time I turn the lights on it puts a smile on my face. very rewarding to install these and just have instant on great color tone brightness. These are 5000k, and nice bright color, but with some warmth in the tone, not the cold blue 6000k+ color which would leave my shop feeling like a meat locker.Installation was fairly simple. I bought some light chain and wood screw hooks from a box hardware store, and hung them from a beam in the placement I thought to be best for overall coverage between 4 units and a total of 40’x50′ area needing light. I chose to install a single gang outlet to simply plug in the light and have the circuit switched. Installing the standard plug isn’t bad, but I recommend taking your time and ensure your wires aren’t too long inside the provided connector. It’s just enough room to connect them and close up the connector enough to compress the o-ring for moisture sealing. I was able to do this fine for all 4 units, but just take it easy and you’ll get through. Pay attention to the markings on the end of the plug where the prongs are, this indicates which wires are labeled what. On the connector next to the screw terminal, you’ll see the corresponding symbol. Can use your multi meter to validate selected wire to the right pin on your plug as well to match the color of the wire to the pin. Units came with instructions as well.

  3. Mary

    The media could not be loaded.

     Me gusto mucho la facilidad para instalar y la iluminación que da es maravillosa. Ampliamente recomendado

  4. dscabra

    I’ve tried several lighting solutions in my shop before ordering these and I think I’ve finally found THE solution! I bought four of the 250W lights for a space approximately 30×30 feet with 12″ high ceilings. My walls and ceiling are painted white with a gray lower wall accent about 4 feet up from the ground. These four lights easily flood the entire shop area with brilliant white light.I already had large eye ring lag bolts in the ceiling with 110v electrical outlets at each light location, so installing these took less than 30 minutes from opening the boxes to job complete for the entire project. I didn’t wire a dimmer, and have no plan to do so, but having the options is a nice feature.Construction quality feels solid and the powder coat finish is good quality. There is a split-second delay when the switch is flipped before these light up, but they are at full brightness as soon as they come on. I would buy more of these should the need arise.

  5. satman

    Replacing 8 ft HO fluorescent bubs, These seem to be a little brighter, very satisfied

  6. v. Laura

    Love these lights, should have gotten more but budget says not right now. BUY THESE.

  7. bob Mc

    Easy installation and super bright. I added 6 to my RV garage/woodworking shop. It’s like high noon clear sky daylight.

  8. Paul Keeton

    Easy to install. Multi-voltage on a single connection. Used to replace 400 watt HID lighting fixture on a 25 foot ceiling. Work better and provides better brighter light than the high bay HID fixture at a fantastic price.

  9. Dog

    I have gotten 2 of these light before and it is great to see what you are working on.

  10. me

    We have had them hanging in our barn for a little under a month now. They are brighter than what was there. They we easy to install.

  11. Jeremy

    Great customer service, i was having a inconvenience with a previous one i purchased there contacted me immediately and sent out a replacement i received fairly quick!!! Great light very bright!!! I definitely will be purchasing more with the safety of the customer service and great product!!!!!! Thank you

  12. Bob Cook

    Very well made cast aluminum housing , very bright white light , two mounting options. It can be dimmed

  13. sam

    These were bought for my son. They were exactly what he wanted, but I know nothing about installing.

  14. William S. Taylor

    Super easy to install. Very bright. Inexpensive. What else can you ask for? Buy it – you’ll be glad you did!

  15. B T W

    Bought this to install in place of fluorescent bulbs. 2 of these lights replaced eight ballasts with 2 bulbs in each! My garage ceilings are just over 14 feet high and these 2 lights are so good that I’m buying 2 more to replace the other 8 ballasts. The install was easy and the power savings is nice too. Would definitely recommend!

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