Solar LED Lights Buying Guide

As the days grow noticeably shorter we’re turning our attention to outdoor lighting.Solar Lights are the most practical and energy-efficient solution for lighting up the outdoors. Apart from providing aesthetical value, they add safety and security to your home and doesn’t require any electricity to be powered on. They can be installed easily on driveways, pathways, walkways, walls, patios, decks, and lawns. We’re going for solar lights, which are easy to set up…and well, easy to forget about, since you don’t even have to flip a switch to get them going and they will charge on even cloudy days. Also, they won’t increase your electric bill.

Solar lights are eco-friendly and affordable at the same time. As a bonus, we don’t have to worry about setting up any wiring cable as we often do with other conventional electric lights. But when it comes to buying solar light, you might encounter a bunch of choices which can meet every taste and need.Need we say more?

For this reason, we’ve spent hours researching various sources of information and finally come up with this useful buying guide. Our goal is simple: to help you have a deep insight into solar lighting so that you can have the best purchasing decision. Now let’s get started!

What Are Solar Lights?
A solar street light is one type of light source that is fully powered by solar energy. It’s consists of an LED Street Light, solar panel,battery,controller,and other components. The solar panels collect energy to charge a rechargeable battery during the day, then the battery provides energy to the fixture during the night.They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes with optional features such as motion sensors and remote controls.

How Solar Light Work?
The working principle of solar lights is quite simple to understand. Their core component is a photovoltaic panel (or PV panel) which is able to collect the solar energy by absorbing sunlight during the day. After being collected, that energy is transformed into its electric form and stored it in a battery (usually a rechargeable gel cell battery).

When the sun goes down, these solar power lights are turned on for different lighting purposes. Because they are powered by the sun, they must be set up in areas where there is plenty of sunlight.
In addition to a photovoltaic panel, solar light use a controller, which is designed to be intelligently and automatically switches the light itself into the LED light using the stored energy, to help it turn on.

Why to choose ECLEDMALL solar lights?
Advantages of our Solar Lights
If you’ve never used a solar light before, you probably have lots of questions when it comes to the benefits of utilizing this new method of lighting. To help you answer this concern, we’ve listed some of the greatest advantages of solar lights as follows:

1.Environmental Friendliness
Without a doubt, solar energy is very eco-friendly. As they produce electrics from the most available renewable energy source – the sunlight, they play an important role in cutting off carbon footprint that has been released day by day by factories and industrial sites all around the world. And we all know that only by gradually acquiring solar and other kinds of renewable energy sources, we can slow down the rate of problems caused by exhaustion of our planet’s resources.

2.Cost Effectiveness
Solar lights can cost you more than conventional lights when it comes to buying a new model. However, in the long-term use, they are actually a cheaper solution. By taking a sum of the light’s price and its electric bill, you will realize that the budget for using a conventional light will ultimately add up and cover the cost of buying a solar light within just a few months.

3.Little Maintenance
You might disagree when we say “a solar lighting system usually requires a very little maintenance”, but that’s true. This kind of lighting is actually one of the easiest to be maintained without the need for replacing any wire or installing any outlet for being powered. In addition to doing several check-ups and clean-ups throughout the year, you have nothing more to do to ensure the life expectancy of your solar lighting.

4.Various Styles
Solar lighting is available in a variety of styles designed for different lighting purposes. They also come in numerous types, shapes, sizes, colors, and so on. Some are not only made for serving a specific functional purpose but also for being aesthetically and visually pleasing. Therefore, there will be not too difficult for you to find an option that suits your demands and expectations.

5.Unlimited Source
If there is one day when the Sun dies, our planet will be destroyed, too. But when will this catastrophe happen? Maybe millions of years later. So, you can see that solar energy is an unlimited source which seems inexhaustible. As long as you live on Earth, particularly where there is sunlight, there is no reason why you could not buy a solar light and produce energy out of it.

6.Convenient Choice in Desperate Times
If the area where you’re living is frequently battered by severe storms, then blackouts are quite familiar to you. This causes too many difficulties and bother, especially when you’re left in darkness for days.

In this cases, you can use candles or oil lamps as the temporary alternative. However, they’re obviously inconvenient, and they can pose a risk to safety due to fire hazards. Solar lighting, by contrast, is portable and a much safer choice in those desperate times.

7.No Need for Electrical Wires
Conventional lighting requires power cables for working. These could be a trip-hazard when being chewed by animals, especially in case of wet weather outdoors. But with solar lighting, you have no such worries anymore.

8.No Electric Bills
Collect energy from Sun,makes it no electric bills. you can save more than $200-$500 dollars a year.

9.Damp/Wet Location Rated
Solar motion street light IP65 waterproof grade, rainproof, lightning protection and dustproof, ABS plastic lamp body and new inner design housing with individual sealed boxes for batteries, controller and outer sealed rubber ring protect from water leaking.

10.Easy to install and Safe
It does not require wiring to a faraway power station. You can put it anywhere you need to light up.Hassle-free operation according to instruction. Direct current (DC) electricity is what solar panels produce and hold in the battery,compare with alternative current(AC) electricity, DC is safer for humans.


Outdoor solar lights are one of the trendiest product categories at the moment. We hope that you find our list helpful. While solar lights do not consume electricity, they usually have lower costs. That said, it is a brilliant way to contribute to our planet while reducing your own long-term expenses.Do remember to pore over our buying guide to understand your requirements better and make a suitable purchase.

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